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Safety Glove Pu Vmt Black
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Sell Safety Glove Pu Vmt Black

Specification of Safety Glove Pu Vmt Black

-Safety Glove PU VMT BLACK
Glove-Abrasion and Tear Resistant as well as strong grips especially when used in wet and oily conditions according to EN388.
-Sungung Hand is made of nylon base material is very light dab without stitches in coated Polyurethane {PU}.
-This Handcase Does Not Contain fiber and does not heat up when used.
- Gloves Black Color so it does not get dirty easily.

"General Gloves Applications: Manufacturing, Transport, Construction, Precision Assembly, Electronic Assembly, Control Handling, Packaging, and Inspection

+ Packaging Gloves; 1 Pack 12 Install- 1 Carton 20 Pack
+ Minimum Purchase Gloves: 10 Pack / 120 pairs.
+ Size Gloves: 8 and 9


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