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Sarung Tangan Nitrile Chemical Hijau
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Specification of Sarung Tangan Nitrile Chemical Hijau

Product Description
Super nitrile Gloves suitable for Chemical

Super Nitrile Safety Glove Has In-House Coating Material For Comforter Users.
Super Nitrile Safety Gloves Resistant to Solvent / Solvent Solutions Made From High Quality Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber Materials.
Super Nitrile Safety Gloves Excellent For Oil, Fats, Cleansing Liquid And Specially Formulated To Increase Flexibility And Dexterity In Use Reduce Fatigue In Safe Finger For Food And Meet Standard Ce And Fda

For order contact : 021-29085338 / 085882461969 / 089666768987

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